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Local Businesses Collaborate to Create Mourne Mountains Brew Soap Bar

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Mourne Mountains Brewery collaborate with Bán íon Cold Pressed Soap for their new single use shampoo body bar. The team at Mourne Mountains Brewery are happy that Karen reached out with her soap idea.

Gareth pictured with Karen at the start of December.

As a small business you are always looking for new avenues to explore especially during these difficult times, so it is great to team up and collaborate with another local business. Like Mourne Mountains Brewery, Bán íon has also set up a web-shop with delivery to help make things safe and easy for customers.

Owner of Bán íon, Karen stated that, “The soap bar is Vegan friendly and contains a mixture of several hair nourishing oils as well as our most important ingredients of Hoppy Irish Red Beer (Travelling Tales) and ground Hops, which are said to tone the scalp, regulate dandruff and slow hair loss.

Mourne Mountains Brew shampoo bar made from Irish Hoppy Red Beer made locally at Mourne Mountains Brewery in County Down.

This is part of the Bán íon soap new 'Forest Bathing' Gift Box, it retains a rich red colour with a beautiful spicy citrus aroma. Mourne Mountain Brew shampoo bar is available to purchase now on the Bán íon website. Soaps are packed in an eco-friendly bag.

We also recently collaborated with the local coffee gurus at Church Lane Coffee to create a Cold Brew Coffee Stout which is available on our web-shop. This is just an example of two, we had a few collaborations throughout 2020. We believe it is important to support each other when possible, so we hope to collaborate more this year.

Cold Brew Coffee Stout Yellow Brick Road.


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