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Fermentation vessels and brewhouse


Mourne Mountains Brewery was founded in 2015, situated in the foothills of the beautiful Mourne Mountains. At our 16HL brewery in Warrenpoint we brew a diverse range of beers from fruited sours to imperial pastry stouts and highly-hopped IPAs - all vegan friendly!

On our traditional brewhouse we use the finest whole leaf hops from around the world and the highest quality brewing malt but the ingredient we treasure the most is our water supply. Originating in the high Mournes, it is beautifully soft and perfect for brewing a wide variety of beer styles.

The simplicity of the brew kit means that our brewing process is very hands-on. We have very little automation, so controlling parameters such as flow rates and temperatures is very much down to the skill and experience of our brewers.

Brewery van overlooking Spelga Dam in the Mourne Mountains

We dig out around half a tonne of spent grains at the end of each brew, by hand, and these are taken by a local farmer as a feed supplement for his cattle. The spent hops are removed from the kettle, by hand, and sent to an anaerobic digestion plant where they help to generate electricity.


We recycle as much of our used cardboard and plastic as we can. We try and purchase as many of our materials as possible from local suppliers. We get our electricity supply from renewable sources, including our own recently installed solar panels.

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