We brew on a simple brewing kit using the best malted barley and speciality grains we can get our hands on. We use the finest whole leaf hops from around the world. But the ingredient we treasure the most is our water supply. Originating in the high Mournes, it is beautifully soft and perfect for brewing a wide variety of beer styles – from crisp, hoppy Pilsners to big, bold Imperial Stouts.


The simplicity of the brew kit means that our brewing process is very hands-on. We have very little automation, so controlling parameters such as flow rates and temperatures is very much down to the skill and experience of our brewers.


We dig out around half a tonne of spent grains at the end of each brew, by hand, and these are taken by a local farmer as a feed supplement for his cattle. The spent hops are removed from the kettle, by hand, and sent to an anaerobic digestion plant where they help to generate electricity.


We recycle as much of our used cardboard and plastic as we can. We try and purchase as many of our materials as possible from local suppliers. Our bottles come from County Fermanagh. Our labels come from Lurgan. Our shipping cartons come from County Armagh and are made from 100% recycled cardboard.

There's only two of us working full time in the brewery, responsible for all aspects of the process from ordering ingredients and developing recipes, brewing and packaging the beer, to designing labels and delivering the finished product. This means whenever you receive a delivery, you can talk about the beer with the guys who actually made it. And we think that’s pretty special.